License Releases

Inxmail Professional 4.6.2

'Duplicate' button for main elements

There is a new 'Duplicate' function for elements in the Comfort and Advanced templates that will improve workflows. This function enables you to create a new element that retains all settings and content from the original element – at the press of a button. You can change the content individually after the duplication. This means you no longer need to repeatedly put together elements for the same or similar newsletter sections.

Displaying inserted target groups

Inxmail Professional offers a new icon that enables you to see all created target groups at a glance when using target groups in templates. If an element includes a target group, a ‘Target group’ symbol is shown on the top level of the Template Editor. The icon only appears if the ‘Target group’ element has been linked to an existing target group selection.

Click-to-edit' function makes it easy to maintain an overview

It is easy to lose track when dealing with mailings that involve a large number of articles. The new 'Click-to-edit' function from Inxmail Professional 4.6 makes it easier to find the places you need to edit. Users can more easily navigate their template and save time when creating a newsletter.

To edit an article, image or other element in a newsletter created with an Inxmail Comfort or Advanced template*, simply click the corresponding element in the preview area of the mailing. The selected element is then displayed on the left side of the Mailing Editor for you to edit.

* The 'Click-to-edit' function is available in all Comfort and Advanced templates. With individual templates and individually adapted Enterprise templates, the function is only available to a limited extent.

Bug fixes, minor optimisations and modifications


  • Java was updated to version 8u144.
  • Error handling when sending individual emails (with actions or via the API) has been optimised.
  • The macOS High Sierra operating system is officially supported in Version 4.6.2 and later.
  • The macOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) operating system is no longer officially supported in Version 4.6.2 and later.
  • The memory handling when creating individual emails during a mailing dispatch has been optimised.


  • Various special cases that previously caused 'Click-to-edit' to not work with individual elements in Inxmail Professional 4.6 have been intercepted. This means the 'Click-to-edit' function now works correctly in these constellations.

Mailings agent

  • The eye tracking service can no longer be used in version 4.6.2 and later.
  • Click-to-edit: Identical elements in the editor area and in the preview area are now correctly assigned
  • The ‘Duplicate’ icon appears in images in the graphics container element and in entries in the list element.
  • The example graphic in the ‘Display’ tab has been updated (this is displayed if a display test has not yet been performed for a mailing).

Recipients agent

  • The creation and deletion of recipient columns has been optimised to make handling parallel access to the recipient table even more robust.

Subscriptions agent

  • If an error occurs at a database level when unsubscribing a recipient, a corresponding log entry is recorded in the subscribe/unsubscribe log (Previously: No log entry was created).
  • Attribute values of the Boolean (Yes/No) type transferred during subscription are only overwritten if the corresponding option is selected in the subscription manager AND the attribute values were not previously set.

Properties agent

  • If the ‘Formatting numbers with 1000s separator’ property is activated (globally or in a list), no separator is used in recipient IDs >999 in send time content. This was previously the case, which could result in content not being displayed in the mailing if recipient IDs were this high.

Inbox Preview Service (IPS)

  • The ‘’ webmail program is no longer supported in version 4.6.2 and later.


  • An email archive RSS feed is displayed correctly even if there are several consecutive spaces in the subject line.


  • Error handling for a manual import has been improved, so that a manual input cannot prevent a subsequent server restart.

Server and databases

  • Tomcat was updated to version 8.5.20.
  • Version 10.0 of the PostgreSQL database is supported as of version 4.6.2
  • The database version PostgreSQL 9.2 is no longer supported as of version 4.6.2.
  • The database systems MS SQL Server and Oracle are no longer supported.
  • The Inxmail Professional Server 4.6.2 can no longer be operated under Windows.