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Inxmail Professional 4.6.2

Improve the deliverability of your email campaigns: Have your sending domain signed with DKIM!

In Inxmail Professional 4.6.2 and above, we offer you the opportunity to have your own sending domains authenticated with DKIM.

More trustworthiness for your recipients

Using your own sending domain increases the professionalism of your email campaigns, as it allows your recipients to clearly associate the sending domains with you. It therefore allows you to increase your trustworthiness among email providers.

We also give you the option to sign your visible sending address. Until now, only technical sending addresses were signed.

The new ‘Sending domains’ agent provides you with the following information:

  • Overview of your sending domains and the status of their validation
  • List of DNS entries required for configuration

The Inxmail sending domain will therefore no longer be displayed in email clients, such as Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail, for example.

For detailed instructions, see chapter Sending domains, right Sending domains in the online help.

Here’s how it’s done: Request the DKIM signing for your sending domain

If you have a sending domain that you would like to have DKIM-signed, please contact We will set this up for you and discuss all the necessary steps with you.


As of Inxmail Professional 4.6, the beta version of our REST-API is available to Inxmail Professional ASP customers. We are continuously working on development in order to further enhance the range of functions. Version 4.6.2 offers additional functions from the new interface. The REST API is particularly well-suited for connecting to SaaS or mobile solutions.

This version contains the following new functions:

Subscription of recipients

  • Subscribe recipients, along with all attributes, in a list
  • Call up all subscription events filtered by date, list and event type
  • Call up all actually subscribed recipients (verified subscribed)

Unsubscription of recipients

  • Unsubscribe recipient
  • Call up all unsubscription events filtered by date, list and event type
  • Call up all actually unsubscribed recipients (verified unsubscribed)
  • Create recipient attributes including hiding recipient attributes from all standard lists
  • Delete individual recipients from the system


  • Call up an individual bounce
  • Call up bounces within a defined period page by page
  • Filter bounces by bounce type
  • Call up bounces from a list within a defined period page by page

For all the functions of the REST-API, please see our detailed documentation XPRO - REST-API (Onlinedokumentation).

Bug fixes, minor optimisations and modifications


  • Java was updated to version 8u144.
  • The macOS High Sierra operating system is officially supported in Version 4.6.2 and later.
  • The macOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) operating system is no longer officially supported in Version 4.6.2 and later.
  • i-Tag for DKIM: It is now possible to assign separate logos down to the individual sender address level when using trustedDialog.
  • The memory handling when creating individual emails during a mailing dispatch has been optimised.

Mailings agent

  • The eye tracking service can no longer be used in version 4.6.2 and later.
  • Click-to-edit: Identical elements in the editor area and in the preview area are now correctly assigned
  • The ‘Duplicate’ icon appears in images in the graphics container element and in entries in the list element.
  • It is once again possible to create a new mailing from the editing view. As of Inxmail Professional 4.6.1, the last opened mailing was opened again instead.
  • The example graphic in the ‘Display’ tab has been updated (this is displayed if a display test has not yet been performed for a mailing).

Recipients agent

  • The creation and deletion of recipient columns has been optimised to make handling parallel access to the recipient table even more robust.

Subscriptions agent

  • If an error occurs at a database level when unsubscribing a recipient, a corresponding log entry is recorded in the subscribe/unsubscribe log (Previously: No log entry was created).
  • Attribute values of the Boolean (Yes/No) type transferred during subscription are only overwritten if the corresponding option is selected in the subscription manager AND the attribute values were not previously set.

Properties agent

  • If the ‘Formatting numbers with 1000s separator’ property is activated (globally or in a list), no separator is used in recipient IDs >999 in send time content. This was previously the case, which could result in content not being displayed in the mailing if recipient IDs were this high.

Inbox Preview Service (IPS)

  • The ‘’ webmail program is no longer supported in version 4.6.2 and later.


  • An email archive RSS feed is displayed correctly even if there are several consecutive spaces in the subject line.


  • Error handling for a manual import has been improved, so that a manual input cannot prevent a subsequent server restart.


  • Tomcat has been updated to version 8.5.20.

Inxmail Professional Enterprise License

  • Version 9.2 of the PostgreSQL database is no longer supported in version 4.6.2 and later.